Through seven marital stories, The Syrian Daughters-in law presents delicate relationships between a husband and wife behind closed doors in the in-laws home, which gathers the father, the mother, the sons, and their wives under the same roof. This series’ events take place at the end of 1970s where the marriage of Khalijis and Syrians was very much in vogue during those days. Amid family events that change daily, a Syrian daughter-in-law enters the house. Imagine how her reaction after having moved to a completely different environment. Normally, these series compare the Khaliji girl and the Syrian girl. These series did not forget to address sensitive aspects in the Khaliji community in order to examine more controversial subjects such as marital betrayal, social class and financial differences and others.



Mariam Saleh,Abdul Rahman Al Akl,Elham Fadala,Shojoon






30 one-hour episodes

Directed by

Jomaan Saleh Rowayhi