Bassel Hamad Al Basha is a seventy-year-old father of three daughters; Rabhah, Nawal and Neema, and lives in the village of Dahshah in Sohag in Upper Egypt. He is a rich man, working apparently as a merchant of camels; but actually he is a global arms dealer. He is educated and has built up his palace and wealth throughout long years of hard work and travels.

He has three half-brothers : Alam, Mahran and Abu Def who stole, when he was but a child, his, his sister Sakan’s and Braka his poor minded mother’s, inheritance of a cattle yard after they put the deceased father’s fingerprints on papers supporting the transfer of his money and his properties to them; leaving behind Bassel and his sister Sakan penniless.

He is now an old man suffering of the beginnings of dementia and the fear of death after being cornered by nightmares and having witnessed, at the door of his house, the death of one of his oldest partners in the arms trade. He learned that this man does not have children and that he has left his legacy and his money to the wind. He is convinced by his sister’s suggestion to register all his properties to his daughter to avoid his half-nephews involvement in the inheritance, as he has not had male children. Sakan is a widow residing alone abroad. She has not ever forgotten the bitterness of the past injustice and deprivation.

Bassel Hamad Al Basha gathers his three daughters, Nawal, Rabha and their husbands with Neema, who is still unmarried and lives at his house and whom he adores. He wanted to test his daughter’s love to him before he distributes the inheritance. Nawal and Rabha exaggerate by showing their love and appreciation while their hearts are filled with jealously toward their younger sister who astonishes him by her refusing to violate the Islamic sharia in terms of the inheritance distribution. He rejected to take the male share’s inheritance. She calls everyone for forgiveness and for the involvement of all parties in such legitimate a right of inheritance. She announces her acceptance to marry her cousin Bilal after Bassel’s rejection, which angered the elderly father and made him accuse her of hatred. Therefore he distributed the inheritance between the two elder sisters Nawal and Rabha and expelled and deprived Neema from inheritance. She had to be a bride without a wedding ceremony or any blessing. She moved to the house of her husband and cousin Bilal Mahran and his mother Daaf.

He went to live at Nawal’s and Rabha’s respectively for four months in turn and he transferred all his properties to them, including even his palace in Dahshah, and kept nothing to himself but the new tomb he built for himself and his daughters. The tomb was his only shelter he had to resort to together with his foolish nephew, Hameto, escaping from his daughters’ treachery and ingratitude after he lost all his money, power, wealth and daughters. He stayed hiding alive in the grave, where he receives the coffins and funerals of his loved ones Sakan and Neema, while he stays alone in the tomb desiring an unattainable death.



Yahia Fakharani,Fathi Abdel Wahab,Yasser Jalal,Yousra Lozi,Hanan Mattawa,Mahmoud Gendi,Said Tarabeek,Yasser Masri,Aida Abdul Aziz,Nabil Halafawi.Aida Riad and others




30 episodes



Directed by

Shady Fakhrani