Although 20 years have already passed since the migration of Raji Diwara to Boston, the Palestinian man couldn’t blend in with American society, even though he established a quite odd family composed of a wife who has perfected the art of disturbing and annoying everyone, a son named Talaat, and two daughters, both named Fakhriye.

Raji Diwara discovers the Viber application that enables him to contact his friends and family for free; Raji was known for being a scrooge, on holidays and special occasions, he merely makes a Missed Call. Nevertheless, with the opportunity to contact his family for free, he breaks into the lives of his acquaintances in the Middle East and the Gulf, presenting exotic views, and addressing current topics in a shallow and funny way, as well as this he does not shy away from calling some celebrities with whom he ends up discussing topics of which he has no clue.




Duration of episode

5 Minutes


Animated Series