Although their marriage seems to be perfect, Waad suffers from a great disappointment; two years after her marriage to the successful Dr. Salim, she was not able to feel love especially that her husband prefers his job, one that takes too much of his time.

Waad tries to bridge the gap between her and Salim, she plans to travel for a romantic vacation to Pattaya in Thailand, but her husband cancels the trip due to urgent work. She decides to travel on her own to Spain where she meets Youssef, a man who changes the lifestyle she’s been living since her marriage. He brings back to her life vitality and a new start, but she does prevent herself from drifting away from the right path – given that she is a married woman, even if an ‘unhappy” woman – and she goes back to Egypt.

Love captured the heart of Youssef who goes after her and sneaks into her life to become a friend of the family. He encourages her to demand divorce to pursue their lives together, but she refuses in order not to hurt her husband. The entry of Youssef into Waad and Salim’s lives increases the complexity and the difficulties.

Salim enters the same conflict his wife Waad is living with the appearance of the woman he once loved, but his family prevented him from marrying, and given the emotional distance between him and Waad, he finds himself sliding slowly into a relationship, but resists it given that he is a married man.

What are the rules for a successful marriage? Is love enough to bring two individuals together under one roof? How does each man and woman react with treason? There might be a single answer with a magic formula for a solid marriage that could withstand the storms of life.



May Ezzeddine , Yasser Jalal , Ahmad Fehmi , Mohammed Adel Imam , Sherri Adel , Hiba Majdi



Number Of Episodes

30 Episodes



Directed by

Ibrahim Fakher

Written by

Mohamed solaima abd al malik