Each episode addresses a different topic across the thirty episodes. However, the main characters are Karim and Saleem who move to Riyadh, which remains a common ‭thread between all episodes. ‬‬‬‬

Abdulla AlSadhan is Kareem, a simple and kindhearted young man who falls into trouble and gets sent to prison. He moves to Riyadh to live with his brother Saleem, played by actor Nasser Al Qassbi.

Kareem decides to move to the family residence. He asks his uncle, AbuHamad, played by Abdullah Al Sanani, if their aunt could live with them in the family apartments, so he agrees.

AbuHamad is Saleem and Kareem’s uncle, a complex character with double standards and schizophrenia. He sometimes plays the role of the father for Saleem and Kareem while at other times he would be their friend. AbuDhari, actor Mohamed AlTuwayyan, and AbuHamad are a comedian duo as they are almost of the same age.



Abdullah Al Sadhan,Nasser AlQassbi






30 episodes of 30 Minutes

Directed by

Muwaffaq Al Salah