The story tells the intriguing tale of the journey of Najib – a man who feels that his life is about to end. His farewell to his children living in Lebanon is at the center of the production, one that brings together different topics, and relies on the many dangerous differences between the beautiful picture drawn by a father to his sons, and the reality of the life they live. The series will highlight the kinks on both sides. Addressing the paradoxes in a lighthearted, black comedy style, it is centered on the continuing ideal of a family, and the challenges threatening its survival as a cornerstone that sets apart Eastern society from others around this high-paced world. A world where the culture of consumption has taken over the lives of the people seeking to regain their identities in the Arab world, itself torn between maintaining security and stability, and the ambitions of youth towards change – despite its dangers and risks.

Despite the seriousness of Najib’s undertaking to visit his sons and say goodbye for the last time, he chooses to play with Lady Luck, letting the dice decide his path. The game allows him to avoid preference towards any of his sons; for the number shown on the dice decides which son he should be visiting. Through this, the viewer is involved in the mystery we are hiding from him, leaving him to follow his intuition and the path of events to reveal which of the sons the father will be visiting next.

Najib decides from the very beginning of his journey to surprise his sons with his unexpected visit, but the element of surprise quickly turns against him when he discovers the extent of misery and failure they live in. But his loyalty to the game he has chosen forces him to continue until the end, and to pursue with denial and neglect to face abandonment. Will this weapon help him bring a happy ending to his journey and his life?



Duraid Lahham,Qusai Kholi,Abed Fahd,Basil Khayat,Sulafa Mimar,Kinda Alloush,Omar Hijo,Toulin Bakri,Carmen Lebbos,Ghaida Nuri,Pierre Dagher,Ziad Absi,Wissam Fares,Nahla Dawood,Jessica Nassar,Nadine El Rassi






30 broadcast hours

Directed by

Laith Hejjo