The series tells the tale of Amira and Sami who decide to move together with their large family to Egypt after the revolution. Amira successfully convinced her husband that they, their children and parents should go back to Egypt in order to reap the fruits of the revolution. They had spent years in London, throughout which they never had a reason to return.
But now, for the first time since Amira left with her parents in the nineties, and at the same time Sami left Egypt in search of a future, it seems that the conditions are right for the return to a country that is changing for the better and to a promising future for a country which will, within a few years, be in the ranks of developed nations; or so they thought.

After persuading her husband, who does not reject any of her requests, her mother, who longs for a revolutionary role similar to those she used to play in her youth, and her father, who is happy to closely monitor the curious situation in Egypt, and her children, who objected but Amira cared nothing about their objections, Amira returns with Sami and their family to a violently rocked society.

Its social reality is largely mixed up with its politically changing reality; it affects deeply the daily life of the family that had been living a simple life with specific features abroad and has now to face every day in the homeland a new, and sometimes catastrophic, challenge. Amira could not play her role as a mother nor Sami as a father away from the political developments in the country, such as when they decided to seize their children’s cellphones to avoid their addiction to these devices, they were afraid when a curfew is imposed while their children are outdoors and they cannot be assured of their safety; and when they decide to leave the children alone at home for one day to depend on themselves and take care of the house, they hear the news that a nearby prison has been stormed.

When they decided to go out on a family outing, they were cut up. When they tried to socialize their neighbors, the neighbors reported them to the police with suspicions that they working for foreign hostile intelligence agencies.

When they tried to follow their children’s activities, Amira’s mother, the extremist feminist, objected to her school’s Mother’s Day celebration. When they went out for a romantic dinner, they were surprised that the restaurant has been destroyed because the restaurant’s owner belongs to the former regime.

When Sami gets enthusiastic and participated in a popular protest, his house keys got stolen and all their belongings got stolen. When Amira attempts to search for a job, ten people try to engage her in a monument smuggling network.

When they tried to celebrate the birthday of their daughter, the power was cut off twenty times, and the family spent the time sharing confessions and horror stories.
Ultimately, all Amira and Sami’s attempt to take care of their children and family in a simple routine way have failed. Every day we watch and follow a new adventure and a new story and listen to the family’s members comments and feedback in a country that is in no way boring for even one moment.



Hind Sabri,Mohammed Shaheen,Salwa Khatab,Ezzat Abu Ouf,Mohammed Mamdouh and Others







Directed by

Mariam Abou Ouf