Wi-Fi, a broad-ranging Khaliji comedy program includes an elite array of stars from the Gulf, who either star in its thirty episodes or take guest spots. Each episode has a title reflecting the key story derived from the reality of the Saudi and Gulf community in general. The stories are delivered in a comedic tone. The series includes a variety of sections, the most important being where actors imitate prominent personalities such as politicians, media personalities, celebrities and artists. There are also singing sections which reflect reality in a comedic form, in addition to short sections which include bloopers, short comedy parts and a hilarious singing section, through to the imitation of well-known talk shows and other programs as well as the rendition of popular songs, singers and YouTube videos and other social media videos. This program also presents the musical, poetic and artistic heritage in Gulf countries and the Arab world in general.




Hassan Ballam• Assaad Sahrani • Habib Al Habib • Haya Shoaybi





Directed by

Nawaf Salem Shumri , Aws Sharki