Zain returns from Dubai to Amman to attend the burial of her father, whom she was close to and loved so much. The father is buried and his legacy is revealed. His legacy was a TV production company; it had been all his life and death. It was semi-bankrupt with so many debts. His family is eccentric, the same family that Zain fled from a few years ago. Zain must stay in Amman to take responsibility for this family and deal with the indifference of Ahmed, her younger brother, the weirdness of Ahed her elder brother, and the madness of her mother, Salwa. The series continues. There is now a partner in the company. His son Jad is always there to manage the company with Zain. Zain could never understand him. He is a spoiled young man. They clashed from the start, but he kept surprising her with his action. For some reason, she got attracted to him. But the circumstances were not in their favor, and the situation was not appropriate at all. Her two brothers do not want to get engaged in the company’s work and her mother lives in another world . And Zain has to save the company. Zain put her personal life on the sidelines in order to save the company. It became her obsession, the only thing left from her father, the only thing that will maintain her family. She and Jad got closer. It looked as though their relationship would succeed, but a shocking surprise is revealed… Jad is married. The personal relationship falls apart. She almost lost the company too, until the appearance of Muhammad, who financed the company and provided Zain with psychological comfort and made her feel loved. Jad did not leave her, but she has not forgiven him. When Muhammad proposed to her, she realized that she could not be with him despite her doubts about her relationship with Jad. But she realized at the end and said to herself: “The place I was looking for turned out to be the same place I started from, my family that I did not understand, and did not want to be in …”



Saba Mubarak,Rami Dilshad,Imad Mutasib,Amal Dabas,Khalid Tarfi,Qays Sheikh Najib,Dina Cherbana


Pan Arab


30 broadcast hours


Social Comedy

Directed by

Mohammed Alhacki